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The Faculty & Staff Campaign for the University of South Florida is a fundraising effort that allows you, the employees of USF, to make a gift to the area of your choice at the University. These gifts stay at USF, and make a lasting impact in each area that you choose to support.

DepartmentName (Click to Email)Address
Academic Affairs Stephanie Williams CGS 401
Administrative Services - Central Beverly Douglas Daly CGS301
Administrative Services - Facilities Planning & Construction Shari Gray FPC 110
Administrative Services - Parking & Transportation Jordan Robert PSB 0101
Administrative Services - Physical Plant Nainan Desai PPA 109
Administrative Services - Physical Plant Toufic Moumne OPM100
Business & Finance - University Controller Office Kim Busche-Whiteman ALN 147
Business & Finance - Vice Presidents Office Linda Wootton CGS 401
College of Arts & Sciences - Chemistry Dr. Dean Martin CHE 205A
College of Arts and Sciences - Communications Heidi Paintner CIS 1040
College of Behavioral & Community Sciences Carolyn Jewett MHC 1101
College of Behavioral & Community Sciences Regina Brown MHC 1133
College of Education Dr. Judith Ponticell LTB 2115
College of Education Shannon Suldo EDU 105
College of Education - SCATTERS Andrea Thompson EDU 105
College of Engineering Cheryl Thole ENB 118
College of Engineering - CUTR Stephanie Lewis CUT 100
College of Marine Science Howard Rutherford MSL 119
College of Medicine - Educational Affairs Bobby Collins MDC 54
College of Medicine - Health Sciences Sharon Howle MDC002
College of Medicine - Health Sciences Terry Mead MDC 2
College of Medicine - Health Sciences Thomas Mahle
College of Medicine - Information Systems Deborah Nava MDC51
College of Medicine - Internal Medicine Todd Wills TGH G318
College of Medicine - Molecular Medicine Kenneth Ugen MDC 7
College of Medicine - Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology Norma Bedell MDC 08
College of Medicine - Neurology Vicky Mastorides MDC0002
College of Medicine - Ophthalmology Trina Johnson MDC 21
College of Medicine - Pediatrics Christine Curran
College of Medicine - Pediatrics Judith Ranells MDC15
College of Medicine - Research & Grad Affairs Melanie Martin-Lewis MDC40
College of Medicine - School of Physical Therapy Michelle Hicks MDC77
College of Medicine - School of Physical Therapy Rose Pignataro MDC 77
College of Medicine - Shimberg Library Becky Scott MDC0031
College of Medicine - Student Affairs Chad Whistle MDC4
College of Medicine - Surgery Jo Ann Pugh MDC16
College of Nursing Sandy Vonnes MDC22
College of Nursing Vicky Conway MDC22
College of Public Health Paula Knaus MDC 56
College of Public Health Samantha Haylock MDC 56
College of The Arts - School of Music Robert (Bob) McCormick FAH 110
College of The Arts - School of Theatre & Dance Andrew Carroll FAD 204
Executive Services Patsy Ciaccio CGS301
Graduate School Ruth Bahr ALN 226
Honors College Judy Kane ALN 241
INTO USF Kris Appel FAO100
Information Technology Rosie Lopez LIB 618K
Innovative Education Kathy Barnes SVC 1072
Library Beverly Marks LIB 122
Library Matt Torrence LIB 122
Muma College of Business Hilary Lehman BSN 3403
Muma College of Business - Accounting Katie Davis
Muma College of Business - Finance Greg Smersh BSN 3403
Muma College of Business - ISDS G.J. deVreede CIS 1040
Muma College of Business - ISDS Joni Jones CIS 1040
Muma College of Business - ISDS Manish Agrawal CIS 1040
Muma College of Business - Marketing Dick Plank LTB 2116
Muma College of Business - Undergraduate Programs Jose Soto BSN 3403
Research & Innovation Elizabeth Foster 30330 USF Holly Dr.
Research & Innovation Judi Dorn 30338 USF Holly Drive
Student Affairs & Student Success - Financial Aid Brandy Ezrow SVC1102
Student Affairs & Student Success - Student Development & Engagement Viancca Williams ALN 130
Student Affairs - Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement Todd Wells MSC4100
Student Affairs - Housing Julie Leos RAR229
Student Affairs - Student Health Services Fiona Nicholas SHS100
USF Sarasota/Manatee Michael Ayres SMCC325
USF St. Petersburg - Academic Affairs Mark Durand DAV258
USF St. Petersburg - Administration & Finance David Hendry PSD 001
USF St. Petersburg - College of Arts & Sciences Thomas Smith DAV 100
USF St. Petersburg - College of Business Nikki Stowell DAV 108
USF St. Petersburg - College of Education Charlie Vanover COQ 201
USF St. Petersburg - Enrollment & Marketing Summer Finck BAY 129
USF St. Petersburg - Nelson Poynter Memorial Library Cynthia Brown POY 118
USF St. Petersburg - Nelson Poynter Memorial Library Kaya van Beynen POY 118
USF St. Petersburg - Student Affairs Gardiner Tucker RHO 115
USF St. Petersburg -College of Business Rebecca Harris DAV 238
USF St. Petersburg Advancement Patrick Baxter WMH
USF World Mary Cardenas CGS101
Undergraduate Studies Karla Davis-Salazar SVC2002
University Advancement - Advancement Services Annette Billingsley ALC 100
University Advancement - Alumni Association Kemel Thompson ALC 100
University Advancement - Business & Financial Services Melanie Jackson ALC 100
University Advancement - Central Development Audrey Jones ALC 100
University Advancement - Executive Office Pam Prado ALC 100
University Athletics Todd St. John-Fulton ATH100
WUSF Public Broadcasting David Yearwood TVB 100
27% of USF employees have participated in the Faculty & Staff Campaign.THANK YOU!