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The Faculty & Staff Campaign for the University of South Florida is a fundraising effort that allows you, the employees of USF, to make a gift to the area of your choice at the University. These gifts stay at USF, and make a lasting impact in each area that you choose to support.
Cecelia Williams Senior Secretary, Maintenance Business & Finance

"I donate to the Physical Plant scholarship fund to show support for my co-workers...I feel it is important to help, no matter how large or small the donation is."

As a Senior Secretary, Cecelia provides office support for the staff in the Maintenance Department; however, through her personal giving, she provides financial support for her colleagues that are working on a degree. "I donate to the Physical Plant scholarship fund to assist fellow co-workers who want to receive a college degree...I feel it is important to help my co-workers."

Cecelia was born and raised in Tampa and has been employed with USF since 1984. She wanted to work on her undergraduate degree so she understands the importance of supporting others in their education. "I originally wanted to attend college here, but with two small kids, it was hard getting stable baby sitting services for the hours that I wanted to attend school. Therefore, I decided I would support someone else with his or her efforts."

Cecelia has continued that support for over 15 years, and anticipates continuing to do so, "I think the Physical Plant has scholarship is very beneficial for employees within the department. I believe that my co-workers might not have the money they need to attend college....with my donation it does help, and by doing so I am investing in someone's education."

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32% of USF employees have participated in the Faculty & Staff Campaign.THANK YOU!