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The Faculty & Staff Campaign for the University of South Florida is a fundraising effort that allows you, the employees of USF, to make a gift to the area of your choice at the University. These gifts stay at USF, and make a lasting impact in each area that you choose to support.
John Sinnott Associate Dean for International Affairs College of Medicine

"This should be a joint effort on all of our parts, to give the most that we can to an Institution that really gives a lot to other people."

Dr. John Sinnott has had two visits to USF; he was a graduate student here in the 1970's; an experience he describes as "fun...a wonderful exciting time to be at USF." After completing his doctorate degree, he knew he would return to USF because of its potential, and in 1983 Dr. Sinnott joined the USF Faculty in the College of Medicine.

Dr. Sinnott has been involved with the Faculty & Staff Campaign on a variety of levels, "I have chaired the College of Medicine Campaign a number of times...each time, it has been an honor; an honor to work with colleagues that are eager to support the University, colleagues that show respect for our students, colleagues that understand the importance giving to the Institution."

And giving to the Institution is something that Dr. Sinnott feels strongly about. For him, giving is about passion, "Passion is the reason that people give. I have a passion for building an endowment, which I have tried to express with two endowed chairs. We are a new school, and these endowments are set up to build a lifelong chain of finances to support specific issues in Infectious Diseases."

Dr. Sinnott has also given a variety of gifts of different sizes, which for him reflect a couple of different things; "...they reflect a personal belief in the immense value of scholarship. They reflect the desire to invest in students, which is really an investment in our future...a future for all of us. Finally, it shows a commitment to the College of Medicine and it's leadership, to it's renewed focus on both easing the suffering of patients, and discovering the new boundaries of Medicine through research."

"I think it important for everyone who is part of this intellectual endeavor, to give back to USF. Each of us have gotten a great deal from the University, and we need to realize the immense intellectual growth that we have all experienced, we need to recognize ow much we help te community, and we need to show respect for the value of the Institution by committing financial support. This should be a joint effort on all of our parts, to give the most that we can to an Institution that really gives a lot to other people."

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32% of USF employees have participated in the Faculty & Staff Campaign.THANK YOU!