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The Faculty & Staff Campaign for the University of South Florida is a fundraising effort that allows you, the employees of USF, to make a gift to the area of your choice at the University. These gifts stay at USF, and make a lasting impact in each area that you choose to support.
Stuart Silverman Dean Honors College

"Small bits from all of us make a huge difference in people's lives, and allow us to touch the lives of people outside the classroom."

For Dean Stuart Silverman of the Honors College, it has always been all about the students. "I feel a responsibility to help students from the day they walk through the doors and enter USF to the day they leave, hopefully with diploma in hand."

Dean Silverman has been helping students both inside and outside the classroom since he started here at USF, and he began his philanthropic involvement with the University because of his students. "One of the things that was shocking to me when I first came here was the number of students who worked... I began to notice an awful lot of students who were tired, who had to rush into class, barely on time, who needed to rush out of class and as I started to talk to students, it was clear they were off to work, and they were off to work to support themselves."

Dean Silverman made a decision to contribute to scholarship funds via the Faculty & Staff Campaign to help people and to give them the ability to focus on their education. "My office is adjacent to our student lounge, and the door is always open, so I see the students who benefit from Faculty & Staff contributions, I see them every day, we talk with one another, I can see what the scholarship does for students, so I have tried to target my funds to help them. I know what an extra $1,000 or $2,000 a year means in terms of allowing the student to work less or occasionally to not work for a semester, it can help them take more credits then they could ordinarily take, and in turn help them do better academically."

"I think all of us work here in order to help students, and we can do that not only by doing our jobs, but by donating funds to provide students with opportunities they might not ordinarily have. Small bits from all of us, make a huge difference in people's lives, and allow us to touch the lives of people outside the classroom." and for Dean Stuart Silverman, that is what it is all about.

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32% of USF employees have participated in the Faculty & Staff Campaign.THANK YOU!