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The Faculty & Staff Campaign for the University of South Florida is a fundraising effort that allows you, the employees of USF, to make a gift to the area of your choice at the University. These gifts stay at USF, and make a lasting impact in each area that you choose to support.
Dr. Allan Goldman Professor and Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine College of Medicine

"If a community has been good to you, in some respects, you have an obligation to give back to that community for the future generation."

Dr. Allan Goldman has been at the University of South Florida for 34 years. Throughout his tenure, he has given to a number of different campaigns. Currently, he gives to a College of Medicine scholarship that helps deserving students obtain an expensive medical education. Dr. Goldman states that "students are graduating with $100,000 to $150,000 in debt. These scholarships let students enter the field of medicine they are most interested in -- not just the most lucrative so they can afford to pay off their debt."

Dr. Goldman highlights the fact that scholarships provide attractive packages to the best and brightest potential students. "At the University of South Florida, we are in need of a diverse student body that will become future community leaders."

Also, Dr. Goldman points out that because the state of Florida funds less than 20 percent of the College of Medicine's budget, they must rely on contracts, grants, endowments, and donations. "Because of the severe budget cuts, it becomes more important to give back and fill the holes these cuts have formed."

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32% of USF employees have participated in the Faculty & Staff Campaign.THANK YOU!