Susan Bakewell

Susan Bakewell (’95) is proud of the education she received through the Women’s Studies program at USF; one of the oldest Women’s Studies programs in the nation and the first to be established in the state of Florida in 1987. Because it made a significant impact on her life, she and husband Don chose to focus their planned giving on this program.

“Because Women’s Studies is not a very common major, people may not always think about it in terms of providing financial support,” said Susan. “However, this program matters so much to me because it enriched me personally, and I want to help continue its support for future students.”

Susan and Don established a planned gift following the model of Don’s parents who established a charitable gift within their own estate. USF was chosen as a beneficiary as a symbolic way of repaying the University for opportunities that Susan believes were opened up by her education. Susan’s career path has included working at USF, and the Moffitt Cancer Center after Don became a cancer patient.

“Though I did not choose a career specifically focused on women’s issues, my education in that program has been the foundation for my professional, community and volunteer work,” said Susan. “I was nurtured by my education in Women’s Studies at USF and my hope is that our gift can help provide that same foundation for others.”